Media Diet 2018: Books and Comics

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This post will track every book and comic I read in 2018 and which of them I thought were particularly noteworthy. They won’t have real reviews, but it will at least allow me to look back over my thoughts about books and comics and, maybe, help you discover some great new works. I’ll be doing the same thing in another post about movies.

I’ll update this list periodically.

Media Diet 2017: Books and Comics

  1. On Tyranny, by Timothy Snyder
  2. Her Body and Other Parties, by Carmen Maria Machado—Wow is this collection of weird, feminist short fiction terrific. Don’t miss this one.
  3. Happiness, vol. 1, by Shuzo Oshimi (comic)—Well, that was generic.
  4. Attack on Titan, vol. 1, by Hajime Isayama (comic)
  5. The Divine Madness of Philip K. Dick, by Kyle Arnold—An interesting psychological biography of the SF writer.
  6. Attack on Titan, vol. 2, by Hajime Isayama (comic)
  7. The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, by John Le Carre
  8. Another Way to Fall, by Brian Evenson and Paul Tremblay

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