Straw Gods

Straw Gods, by Sam Costello and TJ Kirsch
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Written by Sam Costello
Art and Lettering by TJ Kirsch

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Astute or long-time Split Lip readers are going to notice some strong similarities between Straw Gods and a story from about a year ago, Straw Men, which was drawn by Gary Crutchley. That’s because they both grew from the same idea.

A few years ago, I had an image come to mind of a creature incubating in, and emerging from, a stalk of corn. I made some notes for how a story using that image might go and filed them away on my computer.

A year or two later, I remembered the image, but not that I’d written down any notes. So, with just the image to work from, I created a new story that had no connection to the previous idea other than that image. That became Straw Men.

Then a year ago, I found the original notes. They were different enough that I thought it would be interesting to see how two stories using the same image, but otherwise different stories, would turn out. This second story is what you’re about to read in Straw Gods.