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Celebrating 10 award-winning years of Split Lip, this nearly 350-page hardcover collects 13 of the best Split Lip stories from its first decade. In addition to the stories—many of which are remastered and relettered—there’s over 50 pages of exclusive bonus content, including interviews, essays, commentary on every story, and behind-the-scenes art.

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Split Lip is an anthology of short horror comics written by Sam Costello and drawn by artists from around the world. All stories are self-contained, so you can start reading anywhere. Fans of Twilight Zone and weird fiction will enjoy these stories, but beware—keeping the lights on can’t keep you safe from dangerous ideas.



52/52: The Low, Low Woods, by Carmen Maria Machado and Dani

written by Sam on Monday, October 12, 2020
It’s exciting to see the excellent Machado working in comics. It’s also intimidating how good she is in just her first series. She already shows mastery of the frictive juxtaposition of dialogue, caption, and image that many comics writers never achieve. I would have loved this story to be twice as long. Book: 37 of… View Article

52/52: Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams, by Naomi Urasawa

written by Sam on Saturday, October 10, 2020
A book apparently produced in conjunction with The Louvre. A tale of the power of dreams, a hapless father, romance, obsession with art, forgery and theft (of a Vermeer, from The Louvre), and more. It’s a lot for a single-volume manga. Honestly, a bit light compared to Urasawa’s normal depth and complexity. Book: 36 of… View Article

52/52: Showtime, by Jeff Pearlman

written by Sam on Thursday, October 8, 2020
A good book about the 1980s Lakers dynasty that suffers due to its reading proximity with the Bob Cousy book. This felt both too long and not deep enough; the Cousy is deep and thoughtful. Plus, Pearlman overcriticizes Kareem. There’s no pro athlete more interesting or with a more fascinating post-sports life.  Book: 35 of… View Article

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