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Split Lip Presents: Doll's House

While her parents fight over how Hannah is going to grow up, she uncovers an old family secret that connects to a mysterious, small house in the woods. Will she be able to figure out the connection before her life is changed forever? Get the special edition one-shot only at comiXology for $0.99.

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Split Lip is an anthology of short horror comics written by Sam Costello and drawn by artists from around the world. All stories are self-contained, so you can start reading anywhere. Fans of Twilight Zone and weird fiction will enjoy these stories, but beware—keeping the lights on can’t keep you safe from dangerous ideas.

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Split Lip Patreon: All The Exclusive Benefits from Q1 2018

written by Sam on Monday, April 2, 2018
The first quarter of 2018 has been another good, action-packed one at the Split Lip Patreon. The Patreon is where supporters not only get special-edition PDFs and PDFs of all the Split Lip books,  they also get advance sneak peeks at upcoming stories and read those stories before they’re serialized on this website. To give… View Article

Media Diet 2018: Movies

written by Sam on Friday, March 16, 2018
As noted in the companion post about books, I’ll be keeping track of every movie I watch this year, with particular attention to the ones that move me in some serious way, positive or negative. Hopefully I can turn you onto some things you might not have otherwise found. I’ll update this periodically. Media Diet… View Article

Media Diet 2018: Books and Comics

written by Sam on Wednesday, March 14, 2018
This post will track every book and comic I read in 2018 and which of them I thought were particularly noteworthy. They won’t have real reviews, but it will at least allow me to look back over my thoughts about books and comics and, maybe, help you discover some great new works. I’ll be doing… View Article

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