The Creators

The Writer

Sam Costello
Sam has published over articles with magazines and websites including, Rue Morgue, PC World,, Amazing Stories, Full Stop, and Bitch. His fiction has been published in Punk Planet, Cemetery Moon, Misfit Magazine, and Eschatology Journal, and his comics have appeared in anthologies including Negative Burn (Desperado), Cthulhu Tales (Boom), Variants (Variance Press), and Tales from the Plex Vol. 2 (Futurius).

He is the author of My iPad for Kids and My Apple TV (both Que Publishing).

The Artists

John Bivens
Fitcher’s Bird; Se Perdre
John currently lives in the mid-west of the United States, and has recently done work for Image Comics’ Comic Book Tattoo anthology. He has double jointed fingers and likes to draw.

David Brame

Diego Candia
An Old Man, Looking; The Consequences of a Little Alone Time
Diego Candia is an Uruguayan artist who has worked on storyboards, illustrations and comics for more than 3 years. He has drawn storyboards for Mattel products including Hot Wheels and Max Steel and has also worked as 3d animator for local productions. His work has appeared in books including Jungle Tails 4, Coven 3, and Mermaids 3.

Gary Crutchley
Straw Men; Long Live the King; The Cousin of Death

Felipe Cunha
Safe As Houses

Trevor Denham
See No Evil

Douglas Draper, Jr.
Termites in Your Smile
; Last Caress

Nelson Evergreen
The Tree of Remembrance; Bad Radio
Nelson Evergreen lives on the south coast of the UK with his partner and their imaginary cat. Alongside commercial illustration work, he’s busy writing and illustrating Roof Monsters (a children’s picture book/graphic novel hybrid), and assembling a collection of absurd short stories, provisionally titled The Bearded Hover-Pig and Other Nonsenses. See more of his work at and

Matthew Goik
Eight Days Alone

Kyle Harabedian
On the Plateau
Kyle is a professional cartoonist and illustrator. He received his Bachelor’s degree in illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2001. His influences include Al Williamson, Stan Drake, John Cullen Murphy, Charles Dana Gibson, and James Montgomery Flagg. Kyle lives and works in Dearborn, Michigan USA and can be contacted at

Ayhan Hayrula
Not Sleeping Well; Face Blind
Ayhan Hayrula is an artist living in Bulgaria.

Rye Hickman
A Slip of the Tongue

David Hitchcock
A Mother’s Love; Doux Didou

Savannah Horrocks
Doll’s House

Jason Ho
Ingress & Egress; Beyond the Campfire Light

T.J. Kirsch
Straw Gods; Unsub; Live Through This
T.J. Kirsch is a cartoonist and illustrator living in upstate NY. Since graduating from the Kubert School in 2005, he has had work published by Archie Comics, Oni Press, Image Comics, and more. He is also co-creator of the critically-acclaimed She Died In Terrebonne with writer Kevin Church. His most recent graphic novel, with writers Christina Weir and Nunzio Defilippis, was titled Lost And Found: An Amy Devlin Mystery, and was released in May 2014 from Oni Press. To see more of his work, visit

Brian A. LaFramboise
The Executioner is a Lonely Man
Brian has worked in commercial art (in one form or another) since 1990… his first job was doing tape archive on 9 track tapes. Those are the ones that you see in the old movies spinning in the background and the super computers of a 1950’s future. Since then, he’s done plenty of retouching, desktop preparation, a bit of illustration, web stuff (not the design, just the guts), and a few interactive CDs.

Outside of that, he’s done comic work for various small publishers and a few small game companies. Now, he’s trying my hand at holding onto the copyrights to my work and selling my pretty pictures through places like Cafepress and Dreamscapek9 Collectibles.

Christine Larsen
If You Get Close to Her, Kiss Her Once For Me

Iain Laurie
Fish Drink
Iain has contributed to a number of magazines and comics including Arthur,The List and Gristle. He is the co-creator (with Fraser Campbell) of the strip Black Cape which can be found in Alan Grants WASTED and online. He also writes and draws his own online comic Powwkipsie.He lives in Edinburgh,Scotland with his girlfriend Pauline with their demanding, manipulative cat.

Sami Makkonen
The Harvestmen; Mujer; Look Carefully
Sami Makkonen is an award-winning artist of comics such as Deadworld: War of the Dead, Deadworld: Restoration and Eisner Award nominated Hatter M. graphic novel series vol. 2-5. Other works include RYSE: Sword of Damocles, a digital interactive graphic novel for Microsoft and covers for Clive Barker`s Hellraiser: The Dark Watch series.

Brian McGleenon
School Supplies
Brian has worked for several years as a storyboard artist for advertisements, feature length films and short films. He is also a filmmaker and, alongside his brother, runs a film productio company called High-Well Productions. He lives in Belfast, Ireland, with his wife Nana and son Freddie.

Josie Morway
Departing for the Third Heaven

Lee O’Connor
In Another Room
Lee has a lovely bunch of coconuts. Apart from that, his work has appeared in Heavy Metal magazine, Phonogram: The Singles Club, and the Ctrl-Alt-Shift Unmasks Corruption anthology with Pat Mills among a raft of independent and small press work. He also bothers bookshops with the art on Anthony Horowitz’ Raven’s Gate graphic novel series and ‘IRAQ’. Lee lives in the green and pleasant UK, in Devon with all the other comic artists.

Steven Perkins
Very little is known about Steven Perkins. However, researchers have discovered that he has been writing and drawing things professionally since 2001, and that he currently resides in Los Angeles.

Anthony Peruzzo
Ashes to Ashes; Make Westing
Anthony Peruzzo is an artist living in Minnesota. His work has been published by Desperado Publishing, Zuda comics, and Image comics. You can follow his work at

Erik Rose

Dirk Shearer
The Pieces of Meat
Dirk Shearer is a native of York, PA, whose scratchboard illustrations can be seen in MICE TEMPLAR VOL 1: THE PROPHECY, Mike Oliveri’s THE PACK: WINTER KILL, and the upcoming CONSPIRACY OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, due out for the 2010 holiday season. He’s also drawn comics for Fortress Publishing Inc, and Robert Heske’s Cold Blooded Chillers anthology. See more of his work at

Karl Slominski
Karl Slominski has been drawing comics since his hand could hold a pen and has been making a living at it after he realized he could never be a space cadet professionally. He is fueled by an unhealthy dosage of coffee, insomnia and an addiction to leaving his stereo on “MAX” volume.

Felipe Sobreiro
The Railroad Boy
Felipe Sobreiro is a Brazilian artist that has worked as a colorist for Marvel (All-New Ghost Rider), DC (Green Lantern), BOOM! Studios (Polarity) and Image Comics (Luther Strode, Spread).

Kyle Strahm
Headin’ South
Kyle is an illustrator and comic book artist in Kansas City, Missouri. Aside from working on Split Lip, Kyle is the creator of the webcomic Clockwork Creature (collected last year by Ambrosia Publishing). Most recently he’s worked with Phil Hester on a chapter of THE BIG Q (Desperado Publishing) and done art for a pinup project related to the mini-series SCREAMLAND (Image Comics).

Max Temescu
Lone and Level

Joel Vollmer

Neal Von Flue
The Wind and Rain
Neal is a freelance artist who lives in the South Bay of California with his wife and 3 children. He has an inordinate fondness for old time American folk stories and therefore is incredibly proud of his work in this anthology. His formal experiments in webcomics and graphic narratives can be found at and his other work can be found at

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