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Face of Fire, Belly of Blood

art by Ege Avci
A drought reveals a long-hidden monument to an ancient god in a California lake. The world isn’t ready for what’s coming.

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Bad Radio

art by Nelson Evergreen
A boy with a ham radio makes a very unusual friend, who tells him a very unusual story.

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art by Erik Rose
When police are called to the farm of a local doctor, they make a grisly discovery. But potentially more disturbing question remains: why?

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Not Sleeping Well

art by Ayhan Hayrula
When he wakes up, there’s a woman in his bed. He’s never seen her before and she’s covered in bruises. And this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

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art by Joel Vollmer
A man with a guilty conscience is recognized in a supermarket. An exercise in paranoia.

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Beyond the Campfire Light

art by Jason Ho
A camping trip takes a dark turn when one friend comes tearing through the woods at night, with tales of sacrifices and being chased by mysterious figures.

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