The Full Split Lip Library

All comics written by Sam Costello

Doux Didou

Art: David Hitchcock
April 2017

A Slip of the Tongue

Art: Jen Hickman
Dec. 2016
Safe As Houses

Art: Felipe Cunha
Nov. 2015
See No Evil
Art: Trevor Denham
Sept. 2015
Art: David Brame
August 2015

Doll’s House
Art: Savannah Horrocks
June 2015

Art: TJ Kirsch
May 2015

Eight Days Alone
Art: Matthew Goik
March 2015

Lone and Level
Art: Max Temescu
Jan. 2015
Victims recent comic
Art: Steven Perkins
Oct. 2014

Last Caress
Art: Douglas Draper, Jr.
April 2012

A Mother’s Love
Art: David Hitchcock
July 2011
The Voice of Celia Darling
John Bivens
Feb. 2011
If You Get Close to Her, Kiss Her Once For Me, by Sam Costello and Christine Larsen
If You Get Close to Her, Kiss Her Once For Me
Christine Larsen
Nov. 2010
Cured, by Sam Costello and Erik RoseCured
Erik Rose
Sept. 2010
Straw Gods
Art: T.J. Kirsch
July 2010
Make Westing, by Sam Costello and Anthony PeruzzoMake Westing
adapted from Jack London
Art: Anthony Peruzzo
June 2010
Departing for the Third Heaven, by Sam Costello and Josie MorwayDeparting for the Third Heaven
Art: Josie Morway
May 2010
The Pieces of Meat, by Sam Costello and Dirk ShearerThe Pieces of Meat
Art: Dirk Shearer
Feb. 2010
Beyond the Campfire Light, by Sam Costello and Jason Ho Beyond the Campfire Light
Art: Jason Ho
Jan. 2010
Look Carefully, by Sam Costello and Sami MakkonenLook Carefully
Art: Sami Makkonen
Nov. 2009
Termites in Your Smile, by Sam Costello and Douglas Draper Jr.Termites In Your Smile
Douglas Draper, Jr.
Sept. 2009
The Cousin of Death, by Sam Costello and Gary CrutchleyThe Cousin of Death
Art: Gary Crutchley
July 2009
Ashes to Ashes, by Sam Costello and Anthony PeruzzoAshes to Ashes
Art: Anthony Peruzzo
November 2008
Panopticon, by Sam Costello and Joel VollmerPanopticon
Art: Joel Vollmer
October 2008
Long Live the King, by Sam Costello and Gary CrutchleyLong Live the King
Art: Gary Crutchley
October 2008
Sami Makkonen
October 2008
Bad Radio
Nelson Evergreen
October 2008
Ingress & Egress
Art: Jason Ho
August 2008
Straw Men
Art: Gary Crutchley
June 2008

Se Perdre
Art: John Bivens
May 2008
On the Plateau
On The Plateau
Art: Kyle Harabedian
April 2008
In Another Room
In Another Room
Art: Lee O’Connor
Jan. 2008
The Wind and The Rain The Wind and The Rain
Neal Von Flue
Nov. 2007
The Harvestmen
Sami Makkonen
Oct. 2007
Fitcher’s Bird
Art: John Bivens
Sept. 2007
Fish DrinkFish Drink
Art: Iain Laurie
Aug. 2007
Face Blind Face Blind
Art: Ayhan Hayrula
July 2007
The Consequences of a Little Alone Time, by Sam Costello and Diego CandiaThe Consequences of a Little Alone Time
Art: Diego Candia
June 2007
Headin' South Headin’ South
Art: Kyle Strahm
May 2007
Railroad BoyThe Railroad Boy
Art: Felipe Sobreiro
April 2007
School Supplies School Supplies
Art: Brian McGleenon
March 2007
The Tree of Remembrance, by Sam Costello and Nelson EvergreenThe Tree of Remembrance
Art: Nelson Evergreen
Feb. 2007
Not Sleeping Well Not Sleeping Well
Art: Ayhan Hayrula
Jan. 2007
PrettyBoy PrettyBoy
Art: Karl Slominski
Dec. 2006
An Old Man, Looking
An Old Man, Looking
Art: Diego Candia
Nov. 2006
The Executioner is a Lonely Man, by Sam Costello and Brian A. LaframboiseThe Executioner is a Lonely Man
Art: Brian A. Laframboise
Oct. 2006