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Just a little housekeeping note: For those who remember, a few weeks back I asked what people would think if I were to set a regular schedule for posts and kind of posts (that is, every Tuesday is a comic review, etc). The response was pretty much in favor of it.

I’ve been thinking about it and, well, I can’t do it.

Sorry! I just don’t have time between work and writing and living my life to commit to that kind of schedule. I have some good plans for Little Terrors this year, but I can’t right now tie myself to that regimented a schedule.

So, no regular posts, but lots of good stuff to come. This coming week, you’ll read about a horror novel I actually liked!

That’s been your Internet housekeeping note for the weekend. Whatever offline housekeeping you have to do is between you and your broom.

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  • warrenzone says:

    Hey thanks for mentioning my post about the state of horror today. In my new post, I slam punk planet, sorry about that, it’s all in fun though. Plus I do admit that it has lots of good stuff and I also praise Rue Morgue. I’m curious what sort of stuff it is that you wrote for them?

    I could not agree with you more about not being able to post on a regular basis. For me it’s when ever I find the time, with school and work and a girlfriend I live with, there is no sure thing. The worst thing in my life right now would be that my work hours are totaly different every week. No consistancy at all.

    I bet if you forced yourself to write on a certain night, the fun would go out of it. The internet is all about no rules anyway, you are the boss of your own site.