Shifting Forms

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There’s something really interesting, and a good bit dislocating and scary, going on over at Sean Collins’ new blog.

Go check it out.

You might want to start from the beginning to really get the full idea. But I’d wager you can just start at the front, too.

This is a fascinating thing. I’d say more, but I don’t want to spoil it. Maybe much later, when there’s less chance of spoiling, I’ll write more.


  • Novice says:


    Seriously, It took me forever to start questioning whether or not it was fact or fiction.

    Note to self: Don’t read anything Sam recommends at the office. Everyone else is chatting about music and I’m sitting at Jim’s desk, shaking.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sam, this entry was extremely flattering. I *love* your writing on horror, but since I’m aware of your feelings on the, well, on what I’m writing about, I was trepidatious about what you might say. This really was a thrill to read. And Novice, so was yours! Shaking??? Wow!

    –Sean Collins

  • warrenzone says:

    that is good stuff, it will take me a while to read it all. I’ll add a link to it from my blog too, I mean if this guy is still posting by the time I put up my next review. Everything seems normal where I am.. -warren