A Different Kind of Naked Lunch

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Take a gander at these safe sex ads put together by a French advertising agency. (There’s a second if you click through the link.)

Kind of horrifying, huh? These ads take a couple of everyday thing, bugs and sex, and meld them in a truly disturbing and surreal way. Just like the best horror.

They remind me of those scenes in Naked Lunch when the characters have sex with the giant bugs and the mugwumps. Those scenes were strange and unsettling, of course, but seeing them played out like this makes the head swim.

Interesting to see horror cropping up in an advertising piece that ostensibly has nothing to do with the genre.

The tagline to the ads, by the way, says something to the effective of “Without protection, you’re making love with AIDS. Protect yourself.”

Interesting, also, to see something that’s been taken as subtext to a lot of horror in the last 25 years or so – AIDS – explicitly made the text.

I first saw this over at Laurenn McCubbin’s blog. Thanks Laurenn.

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