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Blogs have been around for a few years now (depending on your exact definitions), but things are starting to get really interesting recently as folks are pushing the boundaries and overturning our expectations of what blogs are. One way that’s being done is by using a blog as a forum for long-format fiction.

This kind of thing first came to my attention when our (and by our, I mean the comics blogosphere’s) Sean Collins did something similar with his very good The Outbreak.

Now, I come across a site that is republishing Dracula as a blog.

And it’s a smart idea. After all, a lot of Dracula (or at least a lot of how I remember it) is presented in the form of journal entries and letters. Just like a blog!

One of the really cool things about this project is that posts on the blog will mirror the actual dates of journals and entries as the characters wrote them in the book.

Of course, Dracula is really long and, frankly, often kinda boring, so I’m skeptical as to how publishing it in such small chunks over a planned six-month period will work. Still, let’s wait and see.

Besides Sean and this Dracula blog, are there other fiction blogs out there that ought to interest us horror heads?

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