He Vants to Suck Your Bandwidth

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Man, I love this Internet thing. There’s always something cool and new – and often free – on it. One of the best places to find these sorts of things is the Internet Archive. Along with offering the Wayback Machine that lets you view old versions of websites and Creative Commons-licensed music (I recommend Brendan Themes for those into good folk-punk), the Internet Archive also has a hours of old films to download.

A lot of the films are industrial and educational strips, but the archive has just made a certifiable classic of world horror available: Nosferatu.

Nosferatu is the original vampire movie, made in 1922, by German filmmaker F.W. Murnau and starring the creepy Max Schreck.

The movie is available – now and hopefully forever – both in streaming and downloadable formats. The download files are big and it’ll take a while to download even over broadband, but if you haven’t seen Nosferatu and want to understand one of the key German Expressionist horror films that influenced horror for the next 30 years, this is your chance.

Seen first at Warren Ellis.com

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