Horror Television: The Outer Limits

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This is the big hole in these articles. I know The Outer Limits was a great show. I remember watching it for a while and loving it, thinking it was as good or better than The Twilight Zone.

The problem? I don’t remember the show at all. Sure, there are snatches of scenes in my head, and of course I remember the awesome opening sequence (“We control the horizontal and vertical…”), but that’s it.

One might be tempted to conclude that if I can’t remember the show, and haven’t taken the time to track it down in recent years, that it’s not as good as I think. I defy you to make that conclusion in this case. I have no doubt that The Outer Limits was great SF/horror TV. It’s my failing that I don’t remember it.

And I’m going to correct that at Netflix soon. In the coming months I hope to have something interesting to write about this great old show. In the meantime, who remembers this show better than I do?

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