We Have Some Winners!

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OK, we’ve got some winners in my Asian horror comics contest. Thankfully, too, because my slacking on announcing this is delaying you all from experiencing the awesomeness of Kevin’s contest, coming any minute now. If you’re bummed that you didn’t get a chance to enter that one soon enough when you see it, blame me. I deserve it.

So, I ended up with close 15 entries in this contest – all good ones. It was tough to decide. So tough, in fact, that I decided not to award just one prize, but three!

Here’s who got them:

Runner-Up #1
The Amazingly Alliterative Amanda

How can I deny someone seeking their education? She will use her copy of Uzumaki for her senior thesis, the first in the history of her college on comics!

Runner-Up #2

Frequent-poster Des won me over with a tale of woe, solidarity with striking workers, and a haiku. Who could resist? His haiku:

It sat hungry in
the shadows. Impatient. It’s
eyes: dark, but shining.

Grand-Prize Winner
Ray Dillon

Ray, head of Golden Goat Studios, followed the original rules of the contest most closely and rewarded us with some fine pieces of art. Look at this (and the one at the top of the post):

How could I deny him the full boat? I couldn’t so he wins it all!

Thanks, Ray.


Thanks, also, to everyone who entered. And remember, there are two more contests coming, so enter again, early and often.

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