Artistic Interpretations of Literary Figures

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If you like literature, portraiture, and comic art, I highly commend unto you Artistic Interpretations of Literary Figures, a gallery of drawings (which I am immensely jealous of) of famous writers and characters by some great comic artists.

The gallery, which is all part of a personal collection acccumulated by Steven Gettis, is terrific and makes me wish pretty hard that some of these drawings were available for purchase. I’d buy ’em.

Lots of sci fi, horror, and fantasy authors and characters are depicted, including Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, John Carter of Mars, Paul Atreides, and many more.

Arists who have contributed to the archive include Mike (Hellboy) Mignola, John (Marvel in the 60s/70s) Bucsema, Peter (Hate) Bagge, Neil Gaiman (drawing!), Stephen (Swamp Thing, Taboo) Bisette, Eddie (From Hell) Campbell, Gene (Tomb of Dracula) Colan, Duncan (Enigma) Fegredo, James (everything awesome) Jean, and Dave (Sandman) McKean.

Pictured here is H.P. Lovecraft, as rendered by Saverio Tenuta.

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