Variants #2: “Dark Matter”

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Variants #2My first comic published by someone other than me.

Title: Dark Matter
Artist: Jeff Palmer
Publication: Variants #2
Publisher: Variance Press
Published: December 2005
Format: 8-page story

Story synopsis: On a lonely road in the dark Kansas night, a man stops to pick up a woman walking along the side of the road. He wants to help her, but she resists. After the comet creases the night sky and strange sounds seep out of the radio, she changes her mind and asks him to take her to his home. There, things happen that he never could have expected when he stopped to pick her up. “Dark Matter” is a story about an ordinary astronomy teacher’s encounter with the extraordinary. It’s about the incredible things that make up the world but are hidden to most people. It is about the things we know are there, but can never see.

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