It Feels Good to Get Burned This Way

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 a collage of negative burn covers

Good news from the world of comics as it pertains to me. One of my Split Lip stories from our October two-year anniversary celebration, Bad Radio, has been accepted into a Negative Burn anthology set for publication this summer.

Bad Radio was written by me and drawn by Nelson Evergreen. It’s the story of a kid, a ham radio, and one of America’s most famous serial killers.

Negative Burn, of course, is Desperado Publishing’s famous and long-running anthology series that has been host to some of comics’ biggest names in the last 20 years. It was also home to my Headin’ South (art by Kyle Strahm) in fall 2007. Not sure yet when the anthology is coming out or what its title is but, of course, I’ll post here when I know more.

(The image above isn’t from the anthology Bad Radio is in; it’s just some recent Negative Burn covers I liked. The images are, from left to right, by Michael Gaydos, Dominic Bugatto, and Tom Seelig.)

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