Upcoming Stories at Split Lip

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Every year, Split Lip takes a little hiatus at the beginning of the year to allow me some time to recharge, write new stories, and build up a good stock of work to let us barrel headlong into the new year.

That hiatus is set to end in the next few weeks, with our first new comics of 2009 about to make their debut. But faithful reader, you don’t have to wait for that. Nope, I’ve got a sneak peak for you of the next few Split Lip stories, as well as some ideas about what’s coming after them.


There are three stories underway right now (if you’re really nice, I’ll post some preview art soon), and three scripts looking for artists. The stories are:

Termites in Your Smile
art by Doug Draper

A two-timing playboy may be in for more than he bargained for with his two latest conquests.

The Pieces of Meat
art by Dirk Shearer

A terrorist bombing was used to cover up a greater horror. When one woman stumbles onto clues, she discovers a subculture that she could never have imagined.

There are also three scripts that are not yet attached to artists. They are:

Departing to the Third Heaven – A man is given a cat by his friend. When the friend dies, the cat takes on new, and mysterious significance, in his life.

The Cousin of Death – A construction worker learns the hard way that sleepwalking can have terrifying consequences.

Beyond the Campfire Light – A pair of friends on a camping trip stumble into a terrifying backwoods ritual. Or do they?

As I have more to share about these stories – and new ones – I’ll make more posts like this.