Update: Upcoming Stories at Split Lip

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In Mid-March, I gave you a glimpse into the stories coming up over the next few months at Split Lip.

At the time, there were three stories without artists listed and a fourth that wasn’t yet on the list. Now I’ve got artists for three of them and want to update you.

The Cousin of Death will be drawn by Gary Crutchley, who did Straw Men and Long Live the King at Split Lip.

Beyond the Campfire Light is going to be handled by Jason Ho, who previously drew Ingress & Egress at Split Lip.

Look Carefully, a story not on the previous list, will be handled by Sami Makkonen, who’s previously done The Harvestmen and Mujer for Split Lip.

Departing for the Third Heaven still needs an artist. I hope to rectify that soon, but if you’re a horror artist who can draw cats, drop me a line.

I’ve got a trio of shorts in development now and am starting to think about two longer pieces – in the 100-page range – so the future keep looking bright for Split Lip.