Split Lip at SPX: The Day After

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split lip at SPX

I made good time driving back from Bethesda last night. The trip down – thick with traffic jams and accidents – took about 8 hours. Leaving Bethesda at 6:30, right after SPX wound down, I arrived back in Providence by 1:15. Exhausted, but man was it worth it.

SPX was my first two-day convention selling Split Lip. My first major indie comics show. And it was a great success.

I met my two-day sales goal on Saturday, which was the day everyone said was busiest for them. Sunday was much slower (and colder; the Marriott had air-conditioned the room all night, it seemed), but still held solid sales and lots of networking. I dropped a pitch (for a project with Anthony Peruzzo) with a couple of indie publishers.

Also great, I got to meet in real life folks who I’d only known online previously: Karl Slominski (artist of PrettyBoy, one of the first Split Lip stories), Ryan Sands of the awesome Same Hat! blog, Chris Beckett of Warrior 27, and top writer on comics, horror thinker, and all-around good guy, Sean Collins.

I had a great time with my tablemates – Ken Wong and Mickey Farineau – and learned a lot from being one spot away from the very successful Spike, of Templar, AZ, fame.

Not only was SPX 2009 a terrific time, but it was also inspiring. Since getting home, I’ve planned out the next few Split Lip books, my next couple of scripts, and 2010’s convention schedule. I can’t wait.

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