Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

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  • Assuming I didn't mess anything up, I've placed my first semi-Split Lip-related t-shirt order. #
  • Conan, what is good? When you finish a novel, wonder what to read next, and a big box from Amazon is waiting at the mailbox. #
  • House of the Devil = Aesthetically dead on; dramatically a good deal too slow. A few nice bits at the end, though. #
  • Now _that's_ a Friday. Thirteen pages of script and a new Split Lip story is done. Next: Korean food. #
  • There's a good chance I'm in the middle of writing the most disturbing Split Lip scene ever. Kind of awesome, kind of queasy. #
  • Three pages of Split Lip script on a queasy stomach seems like enough for today. #
  • More accounts of treating tapeworms in the 1800s than anyone dared hope possible: #
  • More Pieces of Meat at Split Lip today. Front page bug still happening, but the story marches on: #

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