Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

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  • A whole bunch of iPad questions answered and other articles linked to. #
  • iPad is in hand. Setting it up now. Looks pretty awesome so far. #
  • While I sit awaiting delivery of my iPad, thought I'd mention: NYC comix types, I'll be at MOCCA 4/10-11: #
  • Glad to announce that the Special Ed. of Split Lip v. 2 and new t-shirts are now available for order: #
  • Today's Twitter lesson: tweet about cannibalism and _gain_ followers. Good to know. #
  • Writing about cannibalism, but eating vegetarian BBQ for dinner. Friday night FTW. #
  • Not only took a walk in the warm sun, but finished a new Split Lip cannibalism script. Nice way to go into a weekend of comics & iPad work. #
  • Just downloaded my first iPad apps: Netflix, ABC player, 1Password, Marvel Comics, NBA Gametime. Looking forward to this thing. #
  • What's the likelihood that a baseball player could hit his own mom w/ a foul ball? He should buy a lotto ticket. #
  • Why is Firefox suddenly my least-stable browser? Annoying. #

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