Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

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  • Most of the heavy lifting done on "Cured", Split Lip script mentioned yesterday. Added 3 pgs, tweaked characters, now much scarier. Success. #
  • He had some amazing ideas that turned the script into something even grosser and much better. Truly a joy working with such creative people #
  • One of the real pleasures of Split Lip is collaboration. Just off a call with Erik Rose – – who's doing a new story #
  • Have you guys seen these creepy photos of 50s serial killer/Norman Bates inspiration Ed Gein & his house? Yikes. #
  • It's a good software day when you get new versions of _both_ Transmit from @panic and BBEdit from Bare Bones. Psyched to start using them! #
  • New Split Lip script, set at dawn of sound in Hollywood, blocked out. When it's done, I start Split Lip's first full-length graphic novel. #
  • Stop being naked! Buy one of these awesome Split Lip '80s horror movie slashers t-shirts. #

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