Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

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  • Also! Mountain Goats episode of Dinner with the Band on IFC. A fine night indeed. #
  • I'd have preferred its tagline – "There's something wrong with Esther" – had been the title (that's a great 70s feel), but hey, nice work #
  • Wow did I like the movie Orphan more than expected. That was really good, creepy, scary, weird. #
  • Man, a lot of comics publishers' websites are in really sorry states. #
  • I don't get indie comix creators sometimes: book's in Previews but not on guy's site, so I can't see art to decide on buying. No sale here. #
  • Split Lip vol. 2 standard edition will debut at Wizard World Philly next weekend. Just placed the order. #
  • The design for the new Split Lip site is finalized and headed to production. Excitement! #
  • You know what's hard? Figuring out what combo of t-shirt sizes, colors, and shirts to order. I have a headache now (but an exciting order). #
  • Holiday weekend = 4 more pages of new Split Lip script. Count on seeing some old-movie montages in this one. Now to enjoy the holiday. #
  • "Make Westing," a new Split Lip story adapting Jack London's tale of that name, by me & Anthony Peruzzo begins today: #

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