Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

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  • How do you know your holiday Friday afternoon/evening is awesome? You respond to over 100 emails (and still have 160 left). Whoa. #
  • Second to musicals & zombies, my favorite pair is bowling & unions. I give you, the Strike! shirt. Art by Joel Vollmer. #
  • I mentioned that the standard edition of Split Lip vol. 2 is out now and available for just US$15, didn't I? #
  • From late last nite: For fans of zombies & My Fair Lady (all 7 of you), @kstrahm & I give you My Fair Zombie: Please RT #
  • I should add that the My Fair Zombie ( art is by the inimitable @kstrahm #
  • For fans of both zombies and My Fair Lady (all 7 of you or whatever), I give you My Fair Zombie: #
  • First day writing comix after vacation and, for research, I learned this offensive bit of slang: #

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