What I Read in 2010

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For the third straight year, in 2010 I dedicated myself to the goal of reading 52 books in 52 weeks. Just like the last two years, I beat the goal. Also just like the last two years, my total number of books read went down compared to last year (from 83 to 71 to this year’s 57).

In 2010, I read 57 books, which broke down along these lines:

  • Graphic Novels: 27
  • Non-Fiction: 16
  • Novels: 11
  • Short Story Collections: 3

My goals for this year were to drop the number of comics I read, and read more short story collections and novels. I succeeded with the novels and comics, but not short story collections (that dropped by a ton. Oops).

In 2011, I’ll still be shooting for at least 52 books. I’d like to top 60 this year, in fact. I’m also going to try ┬áto read more short story collections (we’ll see if I can get that one right this year) and more novels.

I’ll see you in January 2012 with the results.

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