A New Story–and the End of Split Lip

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After a too-long hiatus, I’m proud to announce that the new Split Lip story, Last Caress, with art by Douglas Draper Jr., will begin serialization starting tomorrow. As with previous updates, new pages will post on Tuesday and Thursday mornings–the story will serialize on this site through July (though it’s available now in Split Lip: Last Caress and Other Stories).

While I’m very happy to share this story with you, the bigger news–and the less happy news–is that this is the final Split Lip story. After nearly 6 years, 37 stories, and 550+ of horror comics, Split Lip is ending.

I made this decision in 2011. A number of factors led me to it–the desire to do something else, financial losses, the sense that anthologies aren’t the preferred format of many readers–but ultimately it’s a decision I’m happy with.

I’m very proud of the body of work displayed on this website. Since my first Split Lip script, I think I’ve grown hugely as a writer and specifically a comics writer, and I feel that the Split Lip stories represent a strong library of modern horror comics. I started Split Lip with the hope of doing something new in horror comics, to create stories that cast aside the traditional horror archetypes in favor of a more modern, more literary sensibility. Whether I succeeded can only be determined by readers.

Regardless of that success, though, I feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many great artists, without whom my visions would never have been realized. A sincere thank you to each of them.

Thanks, too, to all the readers who faithfully followed the comic from its earliest days, to the fans who came by to say hi to me at conventions and who bought our books, and to everyone who helped spread the word. Making indie comics can be lonely, and often discouraging, and the response that I got from all of you that helped make it easier to overcome the tough times.

In some ways I’m sad to leave Split Lip behind, but I’m not leaving comics behind. Far from it. My next comic–horror, of course!–is already unfolding in my head. I’m looking forward to getting started writing it; sharing it with you will be even better.

So, thank you for 6 great years of Split Lip. I’ll see you soon.



  • Charlie says:

    A month after I find it no less. =S

  • Agonistes says:

    And proud you should be Mr Costello! You created a incredible array of weird and fabulous stories through the years. I managed to buy the first collectors bundle. Makes me sad that it is ending. Hope you will keep the Split Lip site and comics in stock and running!

  • metalgodz says:

    The anthology format was one of the things I liked about this comic, actually, as it gave some natural pause to my obsessive reading of the older work. 🙂

    Good stuff, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Thank you.