Upcoming Split Lip Stories, May 2015

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Unsub still has a few more pages (and about another week) of serialization before it comes to end, but I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of what the next few Split Lip stories hold. There are 4 stories currently underway and a 5th just waiting for an artist to be secured. Here’s what you can expect out of Split Lip this summer and fall (in no particular order):

Doll’s House
A girl at the edge of puberty, a difference of opinion between her parents about how to raise her, and a family secret. It’s being drawn by Savannah Horrocks. Here’s a glimpse of some rough pencil breakdowns by Savannah from an early story page.



Safe As Houses
If good fences make good neighbors, what do thin walls do to relationships? This short story is being drawn by Felipe Cunha. A sneak peek from an early rough pencil breakdown.

safe as houses sneak peek

See No Evil
Belief is a complicated thing. In its best form, it gives us structure and support and helps us achieve. In its worst, it can virtually blind people to the truth and their own actions. Demon hunter Niall Robertson is wrestling with what kind of belief he has. The story is drawn by Trevor Denham. Check out this excerpt of one of his finished pages.

see no evil sneak peek by trevor denham

Hey, Come Here
When your neighborhood is riddled with monsters, going to the corner store is pretty dangerous. But what’s really going on in this neighborhood? It’s is being drawn by Jenn Woodall.

Two men in a bar, talking in the only language that matters to them: numbers. I don’t have an artist confirmed for this yet, but do have someone who I’ve reached out to. I hope she signs on.

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