Weeee’re Baaa-aaack!

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It’s good to be back and to be back in this new skin we’ve got. As some long-time readers may know, Split Lip originally ran online from 2006 to 2012, with a bunch of books and mini comics coming out in those years and into 2013. When I announced the end of the series, I assumed that was that and I’d be moving on to other things.

So much for expectations, right?

I’ve spoken a bit about what got my Split Lip gears turning again and I don’t have much to add to that, except to say that it’s been wonderful being back these last 8 months. We relaunched Split Lip in October 2014, right around Halloween, and we’ve been posting new pages almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since. Now, with Unsub serializing on the site, we’re into our 4th new story.

About 10 days ago, the second phase of Split Lip’s relaunch was completed with the debut of the new site you see here. This version of the site was a long time coming. There was a lot to do. It’s got a modern, responsive theme that allows it to adjust automatically to different screen sizes and devices. The new stories are being posted in resolutions that allow them to look terrific on Retina Display and other hi-res screens. There’s a new content management system in the back end. There’s an exciting new design at the front. (Huge amounts of credit go to my friends Laura Mullen and Jake Camara for the design and implementation, respectively. Thank you both.)

The third, and final, phase of the relaunch comes this summer with the debut of a series of new books and mini comics. The 6th Split Lip book will appear in the middle of the summer (and likely on comiXology before that). It will contain some stories that have yet to appear on the site. A number of mini comics—consisting of single stories and bonus features—will appear digitally and in print throughout the spring and summer, too.

I’ll have these items—and perhaps one other surprise, non-comics object—at conventions this summer. Find out where I’ll be on the site’s new Conventions page.

I’m looking forward to sharing more stories with you—there are a handful of stories being worked on now. More on those in a few days—and offering regular updates on what I’m reading, what I’m watching, what I’m listening to, what I’m thinking about. Say hi on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s good to be back. Let’s get scared.

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