New Split Lip Book Debuts: Victims

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Victims and Other Questions for an Empty UniverseThe latest Split Lip book, Victims, is debuting at Boston Comic Con 2015, on July 31-Aug. 2. It’s our first full-length book since the series relaunched in October 2014 and the sixth overall.

Victims contains all of the stories that have been published on the site since the relaunch, as well as one that hasn’t hit the site yet and won’t until late Fall 2015. So, if you want to get a look at that mysterious story months before the rest of the world, you’ll need to pick up Victims. The other stories in the book are:

  • Victims, art by Steven Perkins
  • Unsub, art by TJ Kirsch
  • Eight Days Alone, art by Matthew Goik
  • Doll’s House, art by Savannah Horrocks
  • Lone and Level, art by Max Temescu.

The cover, as always, is by the excellent Shane Oakley.

For me, the publication of this book is the final, crowning moment in the rebirth of Split Lip. We’ve published 5 new stories in the last 10 months and have 3 more completed and another in progress. Collecting these first 6 stories  the relaunch concrete. You can hold it in your hands. I’ve done it. It feels good.

Victims is available in print, as a DRM-free PDF via Gumroad, and will be up at comiXology soon. It’s $15 in print and $3.99 digitally.


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