What I’ve Been Watching: Wet Hot American Summer

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wet hot american summer movie posterRewatched recently to prep for the upcoming Netflix series (which, watch the trailer: absolutely hilarious idea to make this a prequel with all the same actors, 15 years older). On this viewing, found the film much, much funnier than the first time—and I liked the first time pretty well.

The first time I watched it, I hadn’t yet seen Sleepaway Camp, so I missed some of the references to that. The first time I watched it, I also didn’t appreciate just how much Christopher Meloni is the star of the movie. What an amazing performance he turns in here. And what a cast otherwise!

I don’t have many deep thoughts to share about the movie beyond that—writing deeply about comedy is challenging—other than to recommend that anyone who hasn’t seen this movie see it and that I look forward to the relaunch.

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