A Short-ish Winter’s Nap: Split Lip to Return Next Year

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You wouldn’t be able to tell it from the temperatures, which don’t make sense for this part of December here in New England, but the sun is gone most days by 4:30 or thereabouts, so it must be winter. Those of us in the normally snowy parts of the country hunker down in winter and grit out the months of cold and snow, then gray slush and mud and flooding, while we await the spring and summer.

When it comes to horror comics writers—if said writer is me, at least—part of that hunkering down includes writing comics. But while I’ll be writing comics this winter, we won’t be posting any new ones on the site.

Don’t let that bother you too much. If you haven’t read the entire archive, Split Lip has 44 comics waiting for you. That’s closing in on 700 pages of free horror comics for you.

If you have read all of them—and thank you, if so—you won’t have long to wait. Just like the animals that tuck in to hibernation in the winter and come out as the temperatures warm, Split Lip will return with the warmth. When, exactly, will depend on when there is a good chunk of comics complete, but you’ll see us sometime between tax day and July 4th. I’ll have updates for you when I’ve got a more specific date.

A trio of new stories are in various stages of development now and I have extensive notes for at least another three, along with solid ideas for another 5 or 6. So, when we come back, there won’t be any shortage of new scares to keep you company on the longer days. See you then!

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