Where to Find the Latest Split Lip News

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For a site that’s not updated on a regular schedule (I know; I don’t like that either and I’m working on changing it), it can be hard to know what’s happening with Split Lip and what’s coming next. I’m changing that by sharing that information on the Split Lip Patreon every month.

At least once a month (and hopefully a little more), all Split Lip Patreon backers get a work diary from me that contains information like:

  • What new stories I’m writing
  • The artists who are currently drawing stories (did you know there are 3 stories currently being drawn and 3 waiting for artists to sign on?)
  • Excerpts from in-progress scripts
  • Sneak peeks of art from upcoming stories.

The Patreon offers many, many more benefits than that—early access to stories before they get published on the site, DRM-free PDFs of comics, smartphone wallpapers, scriptbooks, and more—but if you want to know what’s going on with Split Lip and what’s coming next, supporting us on Patreon is the way to do it.

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