Split Lip Comics in Color on Patreon

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For the entirety of its 11-year run (so far), Split Lip comics have been black and white. (There have been splashes of spot color, but those are few and far between.) That’s been intentional, but as time goes on, I’m warming to the idea of adding more color to Split Lip stories and I’m beginning an experiment with it starting this month.

As of Sept. 2017, Patreon backers will have access to special edition colorized versions of some Split Lip stories.  

Each month, backers at $2/month and up get a DRM-free PDF of a Split Lip story plus bonus features. Going forward, select versions of these PDFs will include limited color. They won’t look like traditionally colored comics. Rather, these colors are largely single tones applied to an entire page to give a different mood or feeling to the story.

To give you a sense of how the colors will look, here’s a page from an upcoming PDF—Ashes to Ashes, with art by Anthony Peruzzo—with colors applied by me:

Not every story will feature color, but I’m excited by the results from my first few experiments, so expect to see color added to more stories going forward.

You will only be able to get these special colorized version via Patreon, so please consider supporting Split Lip today.


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