New Stories Coming—Read One Right Now

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The first new Split Lip story of 2018 will debut on the site on Monday, March 26. It’s called “Where Have I Been All My Life?” and is an existential tale of bad decisions, multiple personalities, and Hellraiser references. It’s got fantastic art by Benjamin AE Filby.

It’s the first of three stories that will be hitting the site this spring and early summer. The other two are:

  • “Hey, Come Here,” with art by Claire Connelly, in which a man walks through a strange and dangerous neighborhood on a seemingly simple errand
  • “All the Pretty Corpses,” with art by Chiara Colasanti, body horror set in the world of high fashion.

As usual, “Where Have I Been All My Life?” will be serialized on the site, one page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As a 14-page story, it will take 5 weeks for the story be to posted to the site. But you can read all of “Where Have I Been All My Life?” right now by supporting Split Lip on Patreon.

Among other things, Patreon backers get early access to entire stories and don’t have to wait for them to be serialized on the site. Instead of waiting 5 weeks to read “Where Have I Been All My Life?”, you can sign up for Patreon and grab the story in less than 5 minutes.

If that sounds interesting, head over to Patreon and sign up.

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