Split Lip Patreon: All The Exclusive Benefits from Q2 2018

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Split Lip’s Patreon backer’s provide crucial support to us as we create comics. To thank them for their support, they get a raft of exclusive content and rewards. To give you an idea of what sort of stuff you unlock by supporting us on Patreon, here’s what backers have gotten during April, May, and June 2018 (I posted similar update last quarter):

Exclusive Art Sneak Previews

  • All the Pretty Corpses – 4 pages
  • Face of Fire, Belly of Blood – 2 pages
  • The Exterminator – 1 page
  • Hey, Come Here – 1 page

Exclusive Script Excerpts from Upcoming Comics

  • All the Pretty Corpses – 1 page
  • Growing Up – 1 page
  • Face of Fire, Belly of Blood – 1 page
  • The Exterminator – 1 page

Early Access to Full Comics

  • All the Pretty Corpses – Backers read it 2 weeks before serialization started and 6 weeks before it ended
  • Hey, Come Here – Backers read it 3 weeks before serialization started and 7 weeks before it ended

Special Edition PDFs

  • Not Sleeping Well
  • The Executioner Is a Lonely Man

Other Items

  • Split Lip Story Status – 3; a rundown of all stories currently in production
  • Pencils and Inks – Bonus, behind the scenes in-process art for over 650 pages of stories

If you like our work and want to support us in improving Split Lip, please consider supporting the Split Lip Patreon.

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