New Patreon Benefit: Behind-the-Scenes Pencils and Inks (More Pages Added!)

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I’m super-excited to announce a new feature that’s launching today for Patreon backers at $2 and up: behind the scenes pencils and inks. (Dec. 26, 2018: 40 new pages have been added to the stories All the Pretty Corpses, Doux Didou, and Hey, Come Here.)

In addition to posting the finished (inked and lettered) comics pages on the Split Lip site, selected stories in the archive will now also feature the in-process pages that artists sent me during the creation of the stories.

For each page with this behind-the-scenes material, you’ll see the finished, lettered comic page and have buttons to reveal the pencils and/or the inks. What I love about this is that it gives great insight into the artistic process and lets you see in detail how pages evolve throughout their creation.

I haven’t seen this feature on other webcomic sites (though let me know if it exists; I’d love to see how others do it), so I believe it provides a truly unique reward. If you want to get access to this bonus, plus all the other content that comes with it, support us at Patreon.

As of today, over 35 stories in the Split Lip archive will have pencils, inks, or both added to them (that’s a total of almost 800 pages of bonus material, and there’s more to come!)  Here’s the full list:




A Slip of the Tongue5 pages4 pages
All the Pretty Corpses12 pages12 pages
An Old Man, Looking14 pages14 pages
Ashes to Ashes22 pages22 pages
Beyond the Campfire Light15 pages15 pages
The Consequences of a Little Alone Time7 pages10 pages
Cured2 pages2 pages
Doll’s House19 pages17 pages
Doux Didou16 pages16 pages
Eight Days Alone13 pages
Face Blind15 pages15 pages
Fitcher’s Bird17 pages18 pages
Headin’ South1 page
Hey, Come Here12 pages12 pages
If You Get Close to Her, Kiss Her Once for Me9 pages19 pages
In Another Room16 pages
Ingress and Egress3 pages10 pages
Last Caress21 pages15 pages
Live Through This3 pages
Lone and Level28 pages28 pages
Long Live the King1 page
Look Carefully24 pages
Make Westing12 pages
A Mother’s Love14 pages16 pages
Not Sleeping Well11 pages19 pages
PrettyBoy8 pages
Quants11 pages10 pages
Safe as Houses9 pages
Se Perdre19 pages19 pages
School Supplies8 pages
Straw Gods17 pages
Straw Men20 pages
Termites In Your Smile25 pages25 pages
The Pieces of Meat24 pages24 pages
The Railroad Boy8 pages6 pgs
The Tree of Remembrance6 pages
Unsub13 pages
The Voice of Celia Darling22 pages
Where Have I Been All My Life?12 pages

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