52/52: The Sweet Forever, by George Pelecanos

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To try to help jumpstart my reading and writing in 2020, I’m going to resurrect a blog series that I did for many years here: 52/52. That is, I’m going to try to read 52 books in 52 weeks. My twist on this challenge that lots of people take on is that I’ll write a 52-word review of each book that I read.

The Sweet Forever, by George Pelecanos

A small-scale crime saga set in 1986 DC, amid the first round of the NCAA tournament. A cocaine novel, too, looking at the heights of ‘80s indulgence from about 10 years’ remove. Pelecanos’ characters and settings are uncommonly specific and idiosyncratic, the stakes serious. His writing is always a joy.

Book 1 of 52

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