Media Diet 2019: Books and Comics

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This post will track every book and comic I read in 2018 and which of them I thought were particularly noteworthy. They won’t have real reviews, but it will at least allow me to look back over my thoughts about books and comics and, maybe, help you discover some great new works. I’ll be doing the same thing in another post about movies.

I’ll update this list periodically.

Media Diet 2019: Books and Comics

    1. Basketball: A Love Story, by Dan Klores, Jackie MacMullan, and Rafe Bartholomew—If you love (or even just like) basketball, this is a must-read. Just an amazing work, and a great companion to the TV series of the same name.
    2. The Witch Elm, by Tana French—A gripping and involving crime thriller. A lot of fun.
    3. Satanic Panic, various authors
    4. Dead Dead Demon’s De De Destruction, vol. 1, by Inio Asano—I was plagued throughout reading this and the second volume with the sense that I was missing some key subtext. Ultimately, I don’t think I was.
    5. A Murder of Quality, John Le Carre—The title is accurate, but it didn’t mean to be.
    6. Dead Dead Demon’s De De Destruction, vol. 2, by Inio Asano
    7. It, Stephen King—A stupendous achievement. Could maybe have been 200 pages shorter and packed more of a punch. Problematic in places, for sure, but nonetheless impressive.
    8. The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood—God, that ending is so much more bleak than I remembered. A gut punch that you practically can’t recover from.
    9. It Follows, by Josh Grimm
    10. Southern Rock Opera, by Rien Fertel
    11. Mort Cinder, by Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Alberto Breccia—Good lord, comics fans who haven’t seen Breccia’s work have no idea what they’re missing. Just unbelievably vital and exciting. It’s from the 60s and looks revolutionary today. 
    12. I Was Dora Suarez, by Derek Raymond

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