Media Diet 2019: Movies

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As noted in the companion post about books, I’ll be keeping track of every movie I watch this year, with particular attention to the ones that move me in some serious way, positive or negative. Hopefully I can turn you onto some things you might not have otherwise found.

I’ll update this periodically.

Media Diet 2019: Movies

  1. The Tale
  2. Fyre
  3. Fyre Fraud
  4. First Reformed
  5. A Shot in the Dark—The Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies are way funnier today than I would have ever expected.
  6. Get Out—Just as good as everyone said.
  7. Bad Reputation
  8. Salad Days
  9. The Informant—How had I not seen this? Hilarious.
  10. Velvet Buzzsaw—No thanks.
  11. High Flying Bird
  12. Hold the Dark—Deeply flawed, for sure, but I find myself coming back to thinking about it a lot. Worth a watch.
  13. Double Lover—How very French.
  14. What We Do in the Shadows
  15. US—Not as polished as Get Out, but there’s so much going on in it, and parts are so scary, it’s still great.
  16. Pet Sematary—No.
  17. Speed—Another great movie I can’t believe I’d never seen.
  18. Mission Impossible: Fallout
  19. Destroyer—Not as good as The Invitation, and too long, but it’s got such a clear, stark point of view, and moves so powerfully even though it’s too long. Really liked it.
  20. Body at Brighton Rock
  21. Horror Noire

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